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Welcome to the Firestone Ad quiz. If you know the answers to 8 or more of these questions, you pass. If not, you may need our help. If you would like the answers to the test please email us and we will send them to you by email or post.

1. What percent of gross profit is most often applied to an advertising budget?
2. What is the "Positioning Theory" of advertising?
3. On average, how many times must a person see or hear an ad before they take notice of it?
4. What color can be seen most easily by the human eye outdoors on a billboard?
5. How many words are most effective on a billboard?
6. What is the most important consideration when designing a Website?
7. What size ad is most frequently read in a newspaper?
8. What size ad is most frequently read in a magazine?
9. Which is read most often, a print ad which is; black and white,
B & W + 1 color or 4 color?
10. What does 'Cost Per Thousand' mean and how does it differ from 'Cost Per Point'?
11. What is a 'Crisis Plan'?
12. How many radio or television stations can truly be "Number 1" in a market?
13. What is the difference between demographics and psychographics?
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